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Centrifugal Spray Fan
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Performance introduction

Based on the advanced centrifugal atomization principle, the centrifugal spray fans and spray fans can make water into super-micro small droplets by centrifugal force with rotating disk and droplet spraying device. The air flow mixed with droplets blown out by powerful fan can increase the evaporation rate of liquid surface and speed up the diffusion of gas molecules, so the evaporation of water will be greatly increased, during which the heat will be absorbed and the temperature will be decreased as well as increased air relative humidity, decreased bug dusts and purified air. It is applicable to a variety of cooling and sunstroke prevention places, such as workshops or war-ehouses of the industries in machinery,casting, forging, chemical industry, metallurgy, heat rteatment, textile, glass products, flowers, breeding livestock, as well as places of amusement, supermarkets, hospitals, exhibition halls and so on.
Product Advantages:centrifugal atomization design, without nozzles and water filtration devices; atomization and air supply are driven respctively by independent electric motors, easy to be used and maintained; the size of atomization can be free to adjust; fast cooling and less power consumption; it can be turned within 90 degrees, and speed adjusting kf three gears;equipped with trolley for more convenient movement.