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SJG Series Oblique-flow Pipeline Fan
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Performance introduction

The oblique-flow pipeline fans of SJG series is a kind of derivative product of the SWF series, and its impeller is axial-flow fan heat der-ormation, using drum hairdryer, thereby changing the direction of air-flow to achieve oblique flow. Its characteristics: on the same plane, its flow rate is greater than that of centrifugal fans as well as its full pres-sure higher than that of axial-flow fans and its volune smaller than that of centrifugal fans, and meanwhile it is blessed with wider effect area, low noise, less occupies, easy installation and other advantages. This fan won' t have an effect on the piping layout and direction; and it is suited for pressuring and wind delivering & exhausting especially for the unbent pipe. Its compact structure can show its superiority especially in space-constrained computer rooms. SJG series products are widely used in ventilation places such as industrial and mining enterprises, hotels, restaurants, museums, stadiums and high-rise buildings.